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Frank Greenaway Competition Rules (Revised)

This regulation should be read in conjunction with County Competition Rules.

1. The competition shall be open to all Clubs affiliated to ECBA – Group 1.

2. Players are required to play from the club in which they play their Group 1 games. In any year a competitor selected to play in Inter-Club Competitions may only represent one club, should they belong to more than one club.

3. The dates for each round up to and including the semi-finals are subject to the following:

3.1 Both clubs participating in each round are affiliated to ECBA - Group 1

3.2 The dates for each round, arranged by the participating clubs, shall fall within the round closing dates for that particular round set by ECBA – Group 1

3.3 Dates must be offered within 48 hours of the closing date of the previous round and cannot include a Wednesday or Saturday when Leagues are operating. 

4. A club side shall consist of 11 players. The disciplines are Two-Wood Singles (21 ends), Four-Wood Singles (21 shots), Four-Wood Pairs (21 ends), Three-Wood Triples (18 ends) and Two-Wood Fours (21 ends). The challenger shall have the choice of green and shall make all match arrangements up to and including the semi-finals.

5. Failure to field 11 players shall result in a walk-over.

6. Before the start of the match, the nominated Captains shall toss a coin for the choice of jack (first end), the winner having the choice of keeping or giving the jack away, a further toss of a coin for choice of jack (extra end) should one be required and make the draw for rinks for each discipline. All disciplines shall start at the same time unless, when arranging the fixture, it is agreed that the singles matches shall be played on the same rink one after the other. An extra end shall be played in any discipline should it be a tie – no drawn matches. The winning side shall be the one winning the most disciplines.

7. If, in any round of this competition, a singles player is unable to continue due to ill health or any other reason, then that discipline shall be conceded. The remaining disciplines should continue to their natural conclusion. Substitutes are allowed during play in the Pairs, Triples and Fours of this event in line with the current Laws of the Sport.

8. Between rounds, substitutes/changes are allowed in the side and between disciplines provided the players are members of the same club and have not played for another side during the current competition.

9. Finals Match:

 9.1 The final match shall take place during the weekend and at the venue decided by the participating clubs at the Group 1 AGM.

9.2 Each Club qualifying for the Finals shall supply to the Group 1 Competition Secretary, the names of 11 players and two reserves no later than the Monday before the Finals weekend.

9.3 Group 1 shall provide bowls stickers for the finals of this event if necessary.

9.4 The Winning Club and Runners-up will be presented with Shield. The winning Club will hold the Cup until the Competition is held in the following year.

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